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From Ancient Craft to Modern Luxury

Summary of Craft

Adhering to the essence of traditional craftsmanship, each piece undergoes meticulous handcrafting and is adorned with gemstones or porcelain, resulting in exquisitely crafted jewelry or ornaments. It can also be paired with rosewood or leather to create elegant furniture and leather goods. Every piece is the outcome of collaborative efforts among multiple craftsmen, and the completion of a single item relies on the precise coordination of each artisan; any mistake at any stage could potentially impede the entire creative process.

On a summer weekend in 2009 in Toronto, Edi Lin stumbled upon a 19th-century Chinoiserie vase at a flea market. Enthralled by its charm, he traded all his idle possessions for it, becoming captivated by the rich history and culture embedded in this art form. Twelve years later, inspired by the vision of "Stay Colour Full," he established the brand KLOISONNE.
The Hue of Sustainability All colours are derived from natural minerals. KLOISONNE employs natural minerals and recycled metals as the raw materials for traditional craftsmanship.
The Hue of Sustainability